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Circle Pouch(Khaki)

Circle Pouch is a small pouch for photography enthusiasts with a pocket for easy access to camera lens caps.

It can be used as a pouch for TOKYO GRAPHER camera lens filter, a coin purse, and for various other purposes.

The material used is X-Pac VX03RS, a lightweight, high-strength, waterproof, high-performance material designed for durability.

Sale price€44,95

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Circle Pouch(Khaki)
Circle Pouch(Khaki) Sale price€44,95

camera filter pouch

It is possible to store TOKYO GRAPHER camera lens filters up to 67mm for S size and 82mm for L size as they are in the case.

If you don't have a plastic case, you can put two filters in it, and it also comes with a removable cushioning divider.

Pocket for lens cap

Dedicated pocket for storing lens caps that are difficult to store.
The cap is held down with an elastic bungee cord to prevent it from falling off, while making it easy to put in and take out instantly.
The S size can accommodate lens caps up to 67mm, and the L size can accommodate lens caps up to 82mm.

Strap loop & triangular jumper

Equipped with a loop on the back that allows you to pass a camera strap, etc., and a triangular hook that can be hung with a carabiner, you can attach it to a camera strap or hang it on a backpack.

Palm-sized multi pouch

In addition to camera filters, it can also be used as a coin purse, or as a multi-pouch that can hold various items that are frequently taken in and out, such as card cases.

* L size is suitable for storing credit cards, etc.