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RF-CPL Filter

TOKYO GRAPHER RF-CPL is a high performance polarizing filter that incorporates the technology and know-how we have accumulated over 70 years of manufacturing camera lens filters.

The RF-CPL is the highest level of CPL (Circular Polarized Light Filter) filter, with 16 layers (both sides) of anti-reflection multi-coating, higher light transmission than ordinary CPL filters without compromising CPL performance, and a rotating filter frame that is extremely thin and easy to use.

In addition, the filter can be used for a long period of time due to its high strength coating treatment that not only repels water and oil, but also prevents scratches and stains.

Sale price€74,95
RF-CPL Filter
RF-CPL Filter Sale price€74,95

OPF example and how to use


RICOH GRシリーズでレンズフィルターを使用する方法
OPF 480-L

How to use lens filters on RICOH GR series

A separate adapter is required to use a lens filter with the RICOH GR series. The usable adapters differ depending on the GR series version, so please see below. GRⅢ RICOH genuine lens adapter...

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CDF-S / CDF-L 実写比較

CDF-S / CDF-L live-action comparison

Please take a look at the comparison photos of the night view at dusk when the CDF, which renders light in an impressive way, is more effective. "1. Comparison between CDF-S and CDF-L", "2. Compa...

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Enjoy summer !!

Enjoy summer!!

Thank you for tagging the wonderful photos that make you feel "summer full of fun!" There are still some parts that can't be said to be the same as before, but this summer will only be one time! ...

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