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Circle Pouch(Black)

€52,95 EUR

Circle Pouch is a small pouch for photography enthusiasts with a pocket for easy access to camera lens caps.

It can be used as a pouch for TOKYO GRAPHER camera lens filter, a coin purse, and for various other purposes.

The material used is X-Pac VX03RS, a lightweight, high-strength, waterproof, high-performance material designed for durability.


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Camera Filter Pouch

The case can hold TOKYO GRAPHER camera lens filters up to 67mm for the S size and 82mm for the L size.

Without the plastic case, two filters can be stored, and a removable cushioning divider is included.

Dedicated pocket for lens cap

Dedicated pocket for a misplaced lens cap.

The caps can be easily inserted and removed, and are held in place with a bungee cord that expands and contracts to prevent them from being dropped.

The S Size can hold a lens cap up to 67mm and the L Size can hold a lens cap up to 82mm.

Strap Loop & Triangular Cuff

It is equipped with a loop on the back side through which a camera strap or the like can be threaded, and a triangular can for hanging it from a carabiner or the like, making it possible to attach it to a camera strap or hang it from a backpack.

Usage is up to Atana.

Palm-sized multi-pouch

In addition to camera filters, it can also be used as a coin purse or a multi-purpose pouch that can hold a variety of frequently used items, such as a card case.

Size L is suitable for credit cards.

Product Specifications

Material X-Pac VX03RS 100% POLYESTER

S Size : 33g
L Siez : 38g

There is a slight individual difference.

S Size : Diameter 100mm , Thickness 28mm
L Siez : Diameter 115mm , Thickness 30mm

There are some individual differences.

Color Variation

Circle Pouch(Khaki)

Circle Pouch(Khaki)

€52,95 EUR