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OPF(Optical Preset Filter)

While maintaining the sharpness of a high performance lens, you can take photos and movies that look like movie scenes with the way the light is depicted and the colors.

OPF's unique high-precision special glass creates a natural blur in the contours of the light source, and its advanced surface coating process creates a dielectric multilayer film that changes color depending on the angle of light entering the lens, giving the impression of light outside the angle of view.

OPF is a new type of filter for camera lenses that has never been seen before.

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OPF 480-SOPF 480-S
OPF 480-S Sale priceFrom $60.00
OPF 480-L
OPF 480-L Sale priceFrom $60.00
OPF 550-SOPF 550-S
OPF 550-S Sale priceFrom $60.00
OPF 550-L
OPF 550-L Sale priceFrom $60.00
OPF 650-LOPF 650-L
OPF 650-L Sale priceFrom $60.00