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CDF (Cinematic Diffusion Filter) is a filter for camera lenses that allows you to take high quality photos and videos with a cinematic atmosphere through its matte, analog texture and impressive light capture.

The L and S filters differ in their light diffusing power, with the S filter subtly expressing light.

They are easy to use in any situation for both photography and video, and they are also water and oil repellent, so they can be used regularly as a substitute for protective filters.

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*The shape and design of the filter frame differs only for 95mm.
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What is CDF?

The CDF (Cinematic Diffusion Filter) is a filter for camera lenses that allows you to capture impressive images of light, resulting in high quality, cinematic-like atmospheric photos and videos.

With its high-resolution coating and glass precision that is superior to that of high-performance protective filters, it is capable of withstanding use with the latest ultra-high-resolution lenses while also suppressing ghosting and flare.

The filter for camera lenses is designed for regular use and can bring out the full performance of high-performance cameras and lenses.

Features of CDF.1

Filters that capture light impressively

CDF diffuses light by adding a special effect to the extremely high-precision glass used in high-performance protective filters, allowing light that would not normally appear in a photograph to be captured in an impressive manner.

Ghosting and flare are also suppressed to a high degree, allowing for stable images.

The diffusion of light differs between L and S. S expresses light casually, while L expresses light more strongly and impressively.

Click here for an actual image comparison of CDF-S / CDF-L

Features of CDF.2

Reliable Super Slim Frame

The extremely thin frame (5.7mm thick) allows the use of wide-angle lenses, and filters can be stacked on top of each other.

The filter caps are also designed to be thin, but the filter caps are securely fastened to prevent the caps from falling off.

Features of CDF.3

Easy-to-use water and dust repellent coatings

The product is resistant to water, oil, fingerprints, and other contaminants, and has a water and oil repellent coating that can be easily blown off with a blower, etc., for ease of maintenance.

CDF-S Actual image comparison.1

Comparison at sunset scene

By capturing the light impressively, you can take pictures and movies with a cinematic atmosphere.
Even in completely backlit scenes such as the one shown above, ghosting and flare are suppressed to a high degree and a matte finish is achieved.

CDF-S Actual image comparison.2

Comparison in night scene

Ghosting and flare are suppressed to a high degree even in ghost-prone night scenes with multiple strong light sources.

Main Specifications

Material Glass, Aluminum
Special Effects Diffus & Mat
Coatings High-resolution Coating
・Water and oil repellent Coating
Filter Frame Super Slim Frame (5.7mm)
*Filter diameter 9.2mm for 95mm
Weight 49mm - 9.0g
52mm - 9.7g
55mm - 10.8g
58mm - 11.8g
62mm - 14.2g
67mm - 16.3g
72mm - 18.3g
77mm - 20.8g
82mm - 23.2g
95mm - 48.2g

Click here to see actual user examples.


You can see examples of actual CDF-S and CDF-S users on Instagram with the hashtag #CinematicDF.



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CDF-S / CDF-L 実写比較

CDF-S / CDF-L 実写比較

光を印象的に描写するCDFの効果が出やすい夕暮れ時、夜景での比較写真をご覧ください。 全てのシーンで『1. CDF-SとCDF-Lとの比較』『2. CDF-Sとフィルター無しでの比較』『3. CDF-Lとフィルター無しでの比較』を掲載しておりますので、フィルター選びの参考にされてください。 ...

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Enjoy summer !!

Enjoy summer !!

「楽しさ溢れる夏!」を感じられる素晴らしい写真たちへのタグづけありがとうございます! まだまだ、これまでと同様という訳にはいかない部分もあるけれど、今年の夏は一度きり!夏を思いっきり楽しもう!

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OPF 550-S 開発ノート


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