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Video Variable ND Filter

TOKYO GRAPHER's Video Variable ND Filter is a variable ND filter specialized for video shooting and editing.

By setting the dimming range from ND4 to ND64, which is often used for video shooting, color unevenness, X-shaped unevenness, and color changes due to differences in dimming density are eliminated, and corrections necessary for video editing are eliminated. It greatly reduces the time and effort.

The rotary frame has upper and lower limit stoppers and scales, making it easy to operate and manage during shooting.

*Lens hoods and lens caps cannot be used.

Filter size:
Sale price$146.00
Video Variable ND Filter
Video Variable ND Filter Sale price$146.00

Frames that are easy to shoot and manage

The rotation frame has a stopper that stops at Min to ND64 and a scale that shows the amount of light reduction from ND4, 8, 16, 32, 64, so it is easy to operate and manage during shooting.

In addition, the rotating frame is made with high precision to provide exquisite traction that does not rotate during shooting or is too heavy to be difficult to rotate.

High-resolution coating

With high-resolution coating and glass precision, it has performance that can withstand use with the latest ultra-high-resolution lenses, and suppresses the occurrence of ghosts and flares.

Easy-to-use water-repellent and dust-proof coat

Water, oil, fingerprints, and other dirt do not easily adhere to the surface, and a water-repellent and oil-repellent coating that can be easily blown off with a blower has been applied to improve maintainability.