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If all you want is to be able to take the pictures you want, you can learn how to use the camera more easily and more easily than using the confusing auto functions that leave the camera to you.

I myself used the AV (A) mode aperture priority mode for quite a long time, but the number of failed photos such as blurry photos, photos that are too bright, photos that are too dark, etc. has dramatically decreased. After setting the mode to manual.
When I started shooting in manual mode, I was finally able to take pictures as I felt, and I enjoyed photography.

Not to mention those who have a single-lens reflex camera or compact digital camera with M (manual) mode and use P mode or AUTO. If you use AV (A) mode or TV (S) mode, please think that you have been deceived and try it once.

1st step : Untitled

I will explain why later.
Set the aperture and ISO sensitivity to the lowest values outdoors in sunny or cloudy conditions. Look at the viewfinder or LCD screen and change the shutter speed value back and forth until the brightness is just right.

All you have to do is release the shutter!
With this alone, you should be able to take beautiful pictures that are typical of single-lens reflex cameras and high-performance compact digital cameras.

Photos unique to single-lens reflex cameras and high-performance compact digital cameras that cannot be taken with smartphones are photos that make use of bokeh with a shallow depth of field.
There must be many people who bought a camera because they wanted to shoot it. In order to take pictures that make the most of bokeh, let's shoot with the aperture (F value) wide open (lowest value).

As I pursue photography, I get tired of taking pictures with a lot of bokeh at the widest aperture.

Then, what is the aperture necessary for? With old lenses, if you shoot with the aperture wide open (the lowest f-number), the four corners of the photo become dark, and the phenomenon of vignetting occurs violently. , I was hesitant to lower the resolution, so I was able to take better pictures by increasing the aperture (F value).

Most of today's lenses are quite high-performance, and even with the aperture wide open, the resolution is sufficiently clear all the way to the four corners. There are some lenses that I dare to show as individuality, and general lenses can be taken beautifully with the aperture wide open.

Of course, there are scenes where it's better to stop down, but I'll keep that in mind, so let's first get used to M mode with the aperture wide open, and then try out the difference in rendering by changing the aperture value (F value). .

If you take pictures in the same lighting conditions, if you just focus on the shutter chance and focus position without changing the settings, you won't be able to take pictures that are too bright or too dark, and the number of failed pictures will be reduced.

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