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Article: How to use the ultra-wide-angle lens for iPhone - Wide Lens

iPhone用 超広角レンズの活用法 - Wide Lens
Wide Lens

How to use the ultra-wide-angle lens for iPhone - Wide Lens

Hello everyone. This is tokyo grapher ambassador Koichi ( @koichi1717 ).
This time, we will report on how to use tokyo grapher's ultra-wide-angle lens attachment for the iPhone.
Do you know that the iPhone standard camera is 28mm(*1)? 28mm falls into the category of wide-angle lenses, but when I want to shoot magnificent nature or cityscapes, or when shooting in narrow spaces such as indoors, I wish I could shoot wider. Is there?

In fact, tokyo grapher's super wide-angle lens has been commercialized to meet such needs. "Please make a super wide-angle lens equivalent to 18mm with no distortion or vignetting." . . This Wide Lens is the result of that desire. The angle of view of the iPhone camera can be extended from 75° to 101°. That's 1.35 times!
(*1) 35mm equivalent. iPhone7 or newer model.

Here are some of my recommended uses.


Make a powerful composition by looking up from directly below!

This is a picture taken while crossing the pedestrian crossing at the five-way intersection on Wall Street in New York.
I was lucky that the flying pigeon was in a good position! If you aim for a narrow street in a building street, the composition will be more powerful. Even if you use the FISH-EYE 220 , you can definitely take interesting pictures in places like this.

In a bamboo grove in Kyoto. I approached a piece of bamboo and looked up from directly below and took a picture.
I aimed for the effect of distorting objects that are close to me, which is unique to an ultra-wide-angle lens. .

Emphasize depth and height with a wide-angle lens.

Another bamboo grove (laughs). This is the bamboo grove of Adashino Nenbutsu-ji Temple in Sagano, Kyoto.
One of the characteristics of an ultra-wide-angle lens is the perspective effect, which makes the subject appear farther away than the naked eye sees it. By using it, you can emphasize the depth of the small diameter. And by aiming from a slightly lower angle, I was able to emphasize the height of the bamboo.

Take advantage of the wide angle of view in low-angle shots.

This is a beach on Bintan Island, a resort area in Indonesia.
When I went out for a walk in the early morning, I saw these sand ripples on the beach. I happened to see people walking along the beach, so I took a low-angle shot of the moment they stopped. When I hold the ultra-wide-angle lens at a low angle, the wide angle of view brings out the depth and emphasizes the flowing pattern of sand ripples.

A unique architectural space with an arc-shaped tiled roof.
It's cool, but even if you hold your iPhone normally in a place like this, it's hard to find a good composition. That's when I came up with the idea of ​​using the wide angle of view of the Wide Lens to include the roof in the foreground.
I was able to take this picture by turning the iPhone with the lens upside down and holding the lens down on the ground.

Capture a vast landscape from a high angle.

This is a picture taken from the gap in the fence at the observation deck of the Empire State Building.
If you shoot the city from a high place with a distortion-free Wide Lens, the forested buildings will appear as if they were needle mountains in a panoramic way.
Actually, the secret of this photo is that it shows the shadow of the Empire State Building where I am. If you are lucky with the weather, you can take interesting pictures from a high angle with the help of the shadow effect like this.

This is the observation floor of Conrad Osaka, a hotel in Nakanoshima, Osaka.
The 3-story atrium space on the top floor has a wonderful view, and photography is allowed, so it is a popular spot in Osaka these days.
It would be nice to shoot the city of Osaka through the glass at the window, but I took advantage of the distortion-free characteristics of the wide lens and took advantage of the vertical lines of the window frames. This is another example of high-angle shots using the perspective effect of an ultra-wide-angle lens.

Accommodate a wide range in a place where you can't pull.

Isn't there an Instagrammable wall that has become a hot topic recently in a fairly narrow alley?
It is the Wide Lens that demonstrates its power in such a case. You can shoot 26 degrees wider than the standard iPhone camera, and there is no unpleasant distortion or vignetting around the edges, making editing a breeze!

This photo shows street art drawn on the wall of a narrow alley, but I think the width of the street was only about 2m.
Still, using the Wide Lens, it fits on the screen so far. Of course, when I shoot, my back is perfectly against the wall (laughs).

Wide lens with wide angle of view and no distortion or vignetting. How would you all use it?
When posting on Instagram, please use the tokyo grapher hashtags #ShotOn_TG and #TG_WIDE !


Instagram: @koichi1717

Photographer, art director, editor.
Engaged in marketing promotions for various companies and editing design magazines, where he deepened his relationship with photography.
His life work is to convey the fun of mobile photography by sending his own photos mainly on SNS such as Instagram and actively interacting with photographers in Japan and overseas.


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