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Article: How to use tele lens for iPhone - Tele LENS

iPhone用テレレンズの活用法 - Tele LENS

How to use tele lens for iPhone - Tele LENS

Hello. I'm tokyo grapher ambassador Koichi ( @koichi1717 ).
This time, we will report on how to use the attachment tele lens for iPhone.
tokyo grapher's Tele LENS increases the focal length of the iPhone standard camera's wide-angle 28mm to 50mm, and the shooting magnification to about 1.8x. A focal length of 50mm is a standard lens that falls between a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, and is said to have a natural angle of view close to that of the human eye. With the 1.8x shooting magnification, there's less worry about camera shake, so you can take beautiful shots of distant subjects, and you can create a single-lens reflex camera-like expression with just the right amount of background blur.
In the coming summer season, there will be many opportunities to take pictures while traveling. I think that Tele LENS will be very active in the mountains, in the sea, and in the city!

Here are some of my recommended uses.


Take a picture of a landscape that you can't get close to by zooming in with a tele lens for iPhone.

When shooting landscapes with your iPhone, do you often wish you could get closer to the subject?
This photo shows a scenic spot called Pink Beach in Indonesia, the beach is made of pink coral deposits. Looking for a shooting point and climbing a small hill, you can see this scenery beyond the bushes. I took a picture of this landscape by zooming over the bushes in the foreground with a Tele LENS.

This time it turns into a winter snow scene. The twilight scenery of Mt. Hiei, which straddles Kyoto and Shiga, was taken through the fence of the parking lot.

Hunt your subject from a high place with a tele lens for iPhone!

If you are familiar with the standard iPhone camera screen, you may be surprised at the Tele LENS's 1.8x magnification. It's also fun to use it to shoot from high places such as buildings!
This is a skyscraper in Taipei, taken from the observatory floor of Taipei 101. It looks like a miniature diorama.

This is in front of Kaminarimon in Asakusa, Tokyo. I shot it from the terrace of a building, but when I'm aiming at a car passing through an intersection or a person crossing a pedestrian crossing from a high place, I feel like I've become Golgo 13 (laughs)

Use the compression effect of the tele lens to add impact to your photos.

This was taken on a slope leading to Yasaka Pagoda, a popular photo spot in Kyoto.
The standard iPhone lens is 28mm wide-angle, so the tower in the back is inevitably small. Due to the narrow angle of view of the Tele LENS, the foreground does not appear as wide as the standard iPhone lens. As a result, objects in the background appear larger, and this is called the compression effect. The angle of view of the iPhone standard lens is 75°, and the angle of view of the Tele LENS is 50°, so there is a big difference!

Enjoy natural bokeh by getting close to the subject with a tele lens.

This was taken at Hase-dera Temple in Nara, which is famous for its hydrangeas.
Even if you don't use an app to blur the image, you can enjoy the natural bokeh effect of a single-lens reflex camera by using Tele LENS. As in this photo, the point is to get closer to the subject and focus in an environment with a distance from the background.

This photo was taken on a rainy day with drops on a maple leaf. When it comes to such a complicated pattern, the app will inevitably create an unnatural blur. I believe that this is the power of expression that can only be achieved with an attachment lens.

With this lens, the details in the foreground are very beautiful. I think it's also good for shooting sweets and food. How would you all use it? When posting on Instagram, please use the tokyo grapher hashtags #ShotOn_TG and #TG_TELE !

Finally a little bit about my mobile photography gear. . .
I think the good thing about mobile photography is its lightness.
An iPhone that fits in the palm of your hand and accessories such as compact attachment lenses and mobile batteries.
I put accessories in my sakosh like this, and the Telephoto LENS and Wide Lens that I use often are stored in the Lens Case and hung.
Speaking of which, it's still a secret, but tokyo grapher is currently developing a soft type lens case. I'm looking forward to the release too ^^


Instagram: @koichi1717

Photographer, art director, editor.
Engaged in marketing promotions for various companies and editing design magazines, where he deepened his relationship with photography.
His life work is to convey the fun of mobile photography by sending his own photos mainly on SNS such as Instagram and actively interacting with photographers in Japan and overseas.


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