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Article: tokyo grapher
"iPhone photography from the basics"
Call for Participation

tokyo grapher<br />ワークショップ<br />"基礎から学ぶiPhone写真"<br />参加者募集

tokyo grapher
"iPhone photography from the basics"
Call for Participation

Johnny ( @johnny777 ), an Instagrammer active in Japan and overseas, will hold a photo walk using the lens of tokyo grapher and a lecture on how to edit using the iPhone app !
Let's take a look at the photos of leisure scenes such as travel and camping taken using tokyo grapher's attachment lens, and explain the shooting points.
After that, let's take a photo walk around Tokyo Station and edit the photos using an iPhone app!

This workshop will be limited to 10 people . Applications will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached, so if you are considering participating, please apply as soon as possible.

Workshop overview

Date and time : Saturday, May 18, 2019 13:00-16:00
Contents : A photo walk around Tokyo Station and a lecture event for users who have just purchased a tokyo grapher lens.
Instagrammer Johnny ( @johnny777 ) will tell you about shooting techniques using Zero-Distortion WIDE LENS PRO and Tele LENS and simple editing techniques using iPhone applications through photo walks and lectures.
subject : Those who have a tokyo grapher attachment lens and live in the suburbs of the Tokyo metropolitan area
Recruitment number : 10 people
Participation fee : free
venue : WeWork Marunouchi North Exit 10th Floor 10B Conference Room
address : 〒100-0005
Marunouchi North Exit Building 10F, 1-6-5 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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The meeting place : Marunouchi Oazo 1st floor, in front of MARUZEN *After meeting at 12:45, the staff will guide you to the venue.
access : Tokyo Metro Tozai Line "Otemachi Station" B2b・B2c exit direct connection
JR/Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line "Tokyo Station" North Exit
Notes : *Please bring your own iPhone, attachment lens, and lens mount on the day.
* We will use the iPhone app " Snapseed ". Please install it in advance.

Apply here

Make your travel and leisure photography even more enjoyable with photos using the attachment lens!



Instagram: @johnny777

Born in 1988 Born in Saga Prefecture Lives in Tokyo Graduated from Waseda University Art School, Department of Architecture and Urban Design
Fascinated by shooting with an iPhone, he entered the world of photography.
The main theme is a minimal urban landscape that is conscious of space and scale, light and shadow.
Adopted for Apple's “shot on iPhone” campaign in 2017 and posted as billboard advertisements in 25 countries around the world.
2018 Unsplash Awards street photography category winner

The lecture on the day is scheduled to be delivered live on the tokyo grapher official Instagram account ( @tokyo_grapher ) .
Even if you can't come due to circumstances, please watch the live broadcast!

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