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Article: How to use the PL filter


How to use the PL filter

On this page, you can check how to use the PL filter through the structure of the PL filter, the meaning of the "▲" mark on the side, etc.


1. PL filter structure

A PL filter is a filter in which a film with fine slits called a polarizing film is sandwiched between two pieces of glass.

[Fig.1] PL filter structure and magnified image of polarizing film

The front of the filter is designed to rotate together with the glass sandwiching the polarizing film. By rotating the polarizing film, you can control the reflected light and shoot .

[Fig.2] Rotating part on the front of the filter

2. Meaning of “▲” mark

There is a "▲" mark on the side of the rotating part of the PL filter, which indicates the direction of the slit of the polarizing film .

[Fig.3] "▲" mark on the side of the rotating part of the PL filter

If the "▲" mark is facing either upwards or downwards, it indicates that the slit of the polarizing film is facing vertically, and if the "▲" mark is facing either right or left indicates that the slits in the polarizing film are oriented laterally.

  • When the "▲" mark is directly above or below
  • When the "▲" mark is on the right or left

[Fig.4] The direction of the "▲" mark and the polarizing film when the iPhone is attached

3. How to use the “▲” mark

The rotating part of the PL filter can be rotated more than 360°, but the same effect can be obtained by rotating the "▲" mark half or once as shown in [Fig. It's not a rise .

[Fig.5] The "▲" mark has the same effect even if it is turned in the opposite direction.

When using the PL filter, use the "▲" mark as a mark of how much the filter has been turned, and adjust the effect while checking the effect on the iPhone screen before shooting.


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