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Article: Sakura Gallery

SAKURA Gallery

Sakura Gallery

The new year has started.
Beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming in various places this year, and we have collected wonderful cherry blossom photos that you have taken.
We hope that you will find it useful as a reference for choosing your favorite filter, along with wonderful cherry blossom photos from all over Japan.

This gallery contains photos of cherry blossoms that have been tagged by people who use our camera lens filters. Thank you for using filters and tagging your lovely photos.

Also, this time, some of the photos have links to free Lightroom preset files, so I hope you enjoy it like a treasure hunt.

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OPFシリーズ比較と7つの使いこなし方【2021 夏】
OPF 480-L

OPF series comparison and 7 ways to use it [2021 Summer].

The following is a summary of the differences between the OPF 480-L, OPF 550-L, and OPF 650-L filters and the key points of expression in each situation, including the most obvious effects of backl...

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OPF 550-S 開発ノート
OPF 550-L

OPF 550-S Development Notes

The OPF series can impressively include the light inside and outside the angle of view that you feel on the spot, and you can feel the glare and the intensity of the light from the photo. In orde...

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