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Article: OPF 550-S Development Notes

OPF 550-S 開発ノート

OPF 550-S Development Notes

The OPF series can impressively include the light inside and outside the angle of view that you feel on the spot, and you can feel the glare and the intensity of the light from the photo. In order to bring that kind of light into the picture, we use special glass to diffuse the light, and when the light is strong, we apply a special coating to make it easier for ghosts and flares to appear. be.

The OPF 550-S, which was released this time, has been adjusted to make it easier to use as a regular filter. It's a product that

In order to weaken the diffusion of light more than the L model, at first I thought it would be good to simply change the type of special glass to weaken the diffusion of light, but when I started testing, the diffusion of light became weaker. As a result, ghosts and flares were too conspicuous, so we decided to redesign the wavelengths that were emphasized and the coating that controls ghosts.

As a result, not only is the OPF 550-L less diffused, but it is also a different product with a slightly different color tone, so please see the comparison below.

OPF 550-S / OPF 550-L live-action comparison in a backlit scene

First, a comparison of a high-key (brighter) photograph and an under (darker) photograph taken in a backlight scene where the features of OPF are most apparent.
Personally, I like the finish of the OPF 550-L for high-key shots, and the OPF 550-S for shots with underexposure. If you shoot in high key, the colors will inevitably become shallow, but the effect of the OPF 550-L makes the colors of the green leaves look vivid. On the other hand, I feel that the OPF 550-L is a little too dark for under-exposed photos, so I like the OPF 550-S photos.
Of course, I think that preferences around here will change depending on the person, so I want you to compare which one you like and use it properly.

Photos taken in high key (bright)

Photos taken in under (dark)

In order to make it easier to see the difference in the appearance of ghosts in this comparison, the shots were taken with complete backlighting, so the ghosts are quite strong.

Ease of use in daylight (front light)

Considering it as a regular filter, it is easy to use in backlit scenes where the OPF effect is likely to be effective, as well as in daytime front light (when the subject is facing the sun). is the point.
The L series, such as the OPF 550-L, uses special glass so that the resolution does not change in front light, so there is no particular problem in terms of resolution. The appearance of color differs depending on the type of light, so depending on the fine adjustment of the wavelength that is emphasized, the impression will differ as shown in the photo below.

As you have noticed from looking at the comparison photos so far, the OPF 550-S has adjusted the appearance of yellow while suppressing the appearance of color compared to the OPF 550-L.
Which one of the OPF series is better depends on the situation and preference, but it is a filter that I would like you to try as a regular filter.

PS: All of the OPF series currently on the market are coated with a water-repellent, oil-repellent, and anti-scratch coating, so you can use them as regular filters with peace of mind.

Instagram: @tak_tag

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