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Article: OPF / CDF price revision notice

OPF / CDF price revision notice

Thank you for your continued patronage of TOKYO GRAPHER products.
As raw material procurement prices and distribution costs have risen sharply, we have been working on cost reduction rationalization to maintain product prices, but it is difficult to produce and sell some products at current prices. It has become.
Therefore, we would like to inform you that from January 5, 2023 (Thursday), we will revise the prices of our main products as follows.

Price revision date: Thursday, January 5, 2023

Target products: OPF 480-S, OPF 480-L, OPF 550-S, OPF 550-L, OPF 650 - L , CDF-S, CDF-L

Price after revision (by size)

size Old price (tax included) New price (tax included)
49mm 6,800 yen
8,300 yen
7,200 yen
8,500 yen
7,600 yen
8,900 yen
8,000 yen
8,900 yen
8,400 yen
9,400 yen
9,400 yen
No change
10,000 yen
No change
11,000 yen
No change
12,600 yen
No change

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