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Article: TOKYO GRAPHER Web Site Renewal!!

TOKYO GRAPHER Web Site Renewal !!

TOKYO GRAPHER Web Site Renewal!!

Thank you for using TOKYO GRAPHER products on a regular basis.

This time, based on the concept of "a website that is easier to use and builds a continuous relationship with users", we will post the actual posts that everyone has tagged on Instagram in real time, We have created a website where you can introduce your wonderful photos to many people.

Also, from this month, tagged photos will be introduced on the TOKYO GRAPHE Instagram account once a week, and as a token of our gratitude, we will be giving away the TOKYO GRAPHER products of your choice .

We hope that many people will be able to share the "joy of taking pictures" and the " wonderfulness of nature" through our products and website .

The hashtags to be posted on the website and introduced on the Instagram account are as follows.

Target hashtag

OPF 480-S



OPF 480-L



OPF 550-L



OPF 650-L






paracord strap



We are waiting for your wonderful photos!

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