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RICOH GRシリーズでレンズフィルターを使用する方法

How to use lens filters on RICOH GR series

RICOH GRシリーズでレンズフィルターを使用する方法
OPF 480-L

How to use lens filters on RICOH GR series

A separate adapter is required to use a lens filter with the RICOH GR series. The usable adapters differ depending on the GR series version, so please see below. GRⅢ RICOH genuine lens adapter...

CDF-S / CDF-L 実写比較

CDF-S / CDF-L live-action comparison

Please take a look at the comparison photos of the night view at dusk when the CDF, which renders light in an impressive way, is more effective. "1. Comparison between CDF-S and CDF-L", "2. Compa...

Enjoy summer !!

Enjoy summer!!

Thank you for tagging the wonderful photos that make you feel "summer full of fun!" There are still some parts that can't be said to be the same as before, but this summer will only be one time! ...

OPF 550-S 開発ノート
OPF 550-L

OPF 550-S Development Notes

The OPF series can impressively include the light inside and outside the angle of view that you feel on the spot, and you can feel the glare and the intensity of the light from the photo. In orde...

SAKURA Gallery
OPF 480-L

Sakura Gallery

The new year has started. Beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming in various places this year, and we have collected wonderful cherry blossom photos that you have taken. We hope that you will find ...

OPFシリーズ比較と7つの使いこなし方【2021 夏】
OPF 480-L

OPF series comparison and 7 ways to use it [2021 Summer].

The following is a summary of the differences between the OPF 480-L, OPF 550-L, and OPF 650-L filters and the key points of expression in each situation, including the most obvious effects of backl...

OPFのゴースト・フレア 使いこなし術
OPF 480-L

How to use OPF Ghost Flare

Depending on the difference in ghosting between the OPF 480-L, 550-L, and 650-L, and depending on the shooting scene, there may be times when you don't want ghosting to occur. I will show you how ...

OPF 480-L 実写比較
OPF 480-L

OPF 480-L live action comparison

Following the OPF 550-L / OPF 650-L, we will compare live action shots with the new product OPF 480-L, and select from those who are using OPF regularly. We would like to introduce the actual exa...

手のひらで完結する<br />スマートフォンでの<br />建築撮影と編集のポイント
Wide Lens

Points for architectural photography and editing with a smartphone that can be completed in the palm of your hand

An increasing number of people in the construction and real estate industries are using tokyo grapher's Wide Lens on their iPhones for business purposes, such as taking photos of the interior and...

香港写真旅行記 Vol.3<br />深圳市編

Hong Kong Photo Travel Diary Vol.3
Shenzhen City edition

Instagramer Johnny ( @johnny777 ), who is active both in Japan and overseas, traveled from Hong Kong to Shenzhen for a week. He showed me the photos he took along with the trip around two areas ...