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RF-CPL Filter

$141.00 AUD

TOKYO GRAPHER RF-CPL is a high performance polarizing filter that incorporates the technology and know-how we have accumulated over 70 years of manufacturing camera lens filters.

The RF-CPL is the highest level of CPL (Circular Polarized Light Filter) filter, with 16 layers (both sides) of anti-reflection multi-coating, higher light transmission than ordinary CPL filters without compromising CPL performance, and a rotating filter frame that is extremely thin and easy to use.

In addition, the filter can be used for a long period of time due to its high strength coating treatment that not only repels water and oil, but also prevents scratches and stains.


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You can see examples of users actually using RF-CPL on Instagram with the hashtag #RF_CPL.



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OPF example and how to use


CDF-S / CDF-L 実写比較

CDF-S / CDF-L 実写比較

光を印象的に描写するCDFの効果が出やすい夕暮れ時、夜景での比較写真をご覧ください。 全てのシーンで『1. CDF-SとCDF-Lとの比較』『2. CDF-Sとフィルター無しでの比較』『3. CDF-Lとフィルター無しでの比較』を掲載しておりますので、フィルター選びの参考にされてください。 ...

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Enjoy summer !!

Enjoy summer !!

「楽しさ溢れる夏!」を感じられる素晴らしい写真たちへのタグづけありがとうございます! まだまだ、これまでと同様という訳にはいかない部分もあるけれど、今年の夏は一度きり!夏を思いっきり楽しもう!

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OPF 550-S 開発ノート
OPF 550-L

OPF 550-S 開発ノート


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