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Article: A trip to Atami taken with Tele LENS

Tele LENSで撮る、熱海の旅

A trip to Atami taken with Tele LENS

tokyo grapher ambassadors sugar ( @sugar25 ), Fuka ( @fuka_09 ), and shinichi ( @shinichillout54 ) took the tokyo grapher attachment lens to Atami, where spring had just arrived.
Introducing the history, traditions, beautiful cherry blossoms, and the charm of Atami, which is full of delicious things, along with photos taken using the Tele Lens.

by fuka_09 *Photographed with special permission
by fuka_09

Atami geisha performance hall

Atami is said to be the city with the most geisha in Japan. Did you know?
Here at the Atami Geisha Kenban Kaburenjo , you can appreciate the "Hana no Mai" every Saturday and Sunday.
This time, I received special permission to photograph the geisha during the performance, which is usually not allowed!
After watching a dance performed by a real geisha, which you don't often have the chance to see, while enjoying sweets, you can take a commemorative photo and send them off after the performance.
It is a spot where you can enjoy the traditional culture of Atami and the hospitality of geisha.

by fuka_09

Atami cherry blossoms along the Itokawa promenade

Cherry blossoms can be seen one step ahead on the promenade of Itokawa, which flows through the center of Atami city.
The flowering period is as long as 1 month or more, and it seems that it is blooming until mid-February!

by fuka_09

Maguroya (Tawarahonmachi)

Lunch was at Maguroya near Atami Station, with a menu using daidai.
“Daidai” is a citrus fruit related to mandarin oranges, also known as “bitter orange”.
It is said that it is the taste of Atami because it is suitable for condiments, ponzu sauce, marmalade, sweets ingredients, etc. because of its good aroma and acidity.
We ate " Mackerel Oki-zuke Daidai Flavor " using fresh mackerel and Atami daidai, and the top tuna bowl.

by fuka_09
by fuka_09

Sightseeing Boat San Remo

Board the pleasure boat Sanremo .
You can take pictures from a close distance while feeding the seagulls running alongside the boat! Powerful!

by fuka_09
by fuka_09

Dinner at Hotel Kanichi

Dinner at hotel Kanichi . The ryokan is so popular that it is difficult to get a reservation during the cherry blossom season.

by fuka_09
by sugar25


Enjoy Atami at night after dinner!
MARUYA BAR is a comfortable space that is both a guest house and a BAR. Cheers with Atami Beer !

by fuka_09


Here is the end of the first day.
The daidai sour is less sour than the lemon sour and has a daidai fragrance.

by fuka_09
by fuka_09

Sunrise seen from the private open-air bath at Hotel Kanichi

Take a picture of the sunrise seen from the window by attaching Tele LENS to the telephoto camera of iPhone X ! The morning sun shining in the private open-air bath is also the best♪

by sugar25

Tempura Tsurukichi

Lunch at Tempura Tsurukichi near Itokawa. You can have freshly fried tempura that sticks to the ingredients!
Atami Daidai's Japanese-style parfait with Daidai marmalade contains grilled mochi and you can enjoy various textures♪

by sugar25

Tokiwagi Yokan Store Sohonten Teahouse/Jin

Colorful and cute macaron monaka , Remy Martin's western liquor flavored yokan , and of course Daidai yokan ! It goes perfectly with the strong iced coffee that you can enjoy at the teahouse Jin, which is attached to the Tokiwagi Yokan Main Store!

by fuka_09


Shared office naedoco can be used for 1 day, so it is recommended for sudden work and business trips ◎

by fuka_09

Atami Station Shopping Street

Souvenir time until return time. There are many delicious things, but you should definitely eat dried fish in particular! !

On the Instagram accounts of sugar ( @sugar25 ) and Fuka ( @fuka_09 ), you can see a lot of photos and Atami information that can't be posted here in stories highlights and posts! Please take a look!

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