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Article: Trip of Wonders – Wonderful Indonesia Vol.4

Trip of Wonders – Wonderful Indonesia Vol.4
Trip of Wonders

Trip of Wonders – Wonderful Indonesia Vol.4

To the fishermen's village... and to the final destination.

“Trip of Wonders,” a trip to five islands in 12 days, has also reached the end of the itinerary.
The large cities of Indonesia are concentrated on the western side of the archipelago, on the island of Java, and half of the country's 300 million people live on this island. On the eastern islands far from the city, the center of industry naturally becomes fishing.
This time, the final installment of this series, we will visit the life of a fishing village on such an island.
And finally to Bali.

Mesa Island – Mesa Village

Mae Sa Island is home to 1,500 people, known as the 'Gypsies of the Sea'.
There is no fresh water on this island. They buy water from a nearby island and transport it by boat. The reason why people live on this island so much is because the sea that surrounds the island is a treasure trove of marine products.
When I arrived at the pier, a boat carrying water, household goods, vegetables, etc. had just arrived. Women and children are the only ones carrying luggage. If you go into the village for a while, you will find sea cucumbers being processed here and there, and fish being dried in the sun. They are all done by women and children. Others and men were taking a nap or smoking in the shade of the alleyway.
A man who risks his life to go fishing and a family who stays away... In this fishing village, you can see such a family bond.

Another thing that you will notice when looking at the photos is the vivid colors of the walls of the house, the clothes you are wearing, and the laundry hanging to dry. The colors of Mesa Island danced brightly in the strong sunlight right on the equator.

BALI – Ubud, Kuta Beach, and more

In fact, the original plan was to spend the final stages of the trip relaxing in Bali. However, I had to change the itinerary so that I could spend more time in the unexplored regions of Indonesia, which is difficult to visit, so I was not able to relax in Bali this time.
That said, I've been involved in more activities than I can list here lol.
Indonesia is known as a Muslim-majority country, but here in Bali, there are many Hindus, and the influence of Hinduism is still strong in the culture. One of them is Legong dance and Bali dance. With traditional extravagant costumes and unique movements, the viewer is drawn into the mysterious world. Check out this video as well.

Finally, we released the newly hatched sea turtles into the sea at Kuta Beach, and this tour “Trip of Wonders” came to an end.
It is said that released sea turtles return to the same coast several years later.
I also have to come back to this wonderful Indonesia...

Wonderful Indonesia!

Text & Photography by Koichi Miyase ( @koichi1717 )
Photographic equipment
iPhone 6S + tokyo grapher
Wonderful Indonesia @indtravel


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