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Article: TG's Moment – ​​Vol.4
The reason why tokyo grapher lenses are optical glass

TG’s Moment – Vol.4<br>tokyo grapherのレンズが光学ガラスである理由

TG's Moment – ​​Vol.4
The reason why tokyo grapher lenses are optical glass

In order to embody the "highest image quality and resolution" that tokyo grapher demands from the lens, we are also thoroughly particular about the materials. Optical glass or plastic is the most commonly used lens material. Plastic lenses have the advantage of being inexpensive and easy to process, but they have the problem of being difficult to faithfully express the colors of the subject due to their high light dispersion ratio. (Because the refractive index of light when it passes through a lens changes depending on the color, plastics with a high dispersion ratio tend to cause color misalignment on the image sensor.) In addition, compared to optical glass, the transparency is lower, and inside It has the characteristic that it is difficult to obtain clear image quality because it reflects light. (Test data shows that about 30% of the light that is taken in is reflected and only about 70% reaches the image sensor.)

With a plastic lens, you can't take advantage of the performance of the high-definition iPhone camera. That was our conclusion.

tokyo grapher has adopted optical glass as the lens material.
Glass lenses are inherently hard, scratch resistant, and extremely stable against environmental changes such as temperature and humidity. It has excellent optical properties such as refractive index, transmittance, and dispersion ratio, and there are many types of glass. Lens design becomes possible.

On the other hand, the processing of the spherical surface requires a rather complicated process, and extremely advanced processing technology is required to commercialize a lump of glass as a lens.

Each lens that makes up the finished product has its own cutting, polishing, and coating methods that are optimized for each design. In order to achieve high quality, tokyo grapher carries out all processes from design to manufacturing and inspection at our own factories and cooperating organizations in Japan.

Next time, I will talk about "tokyo grapher's particular lens configuration".
High-definition and high-resolution lenses are actually made up of a combination of multiple lenses of various shapes and materials!


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