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Article: TG's Moment – ​​Vol.2
Reason for adopting the screw mount method for fixing the lens

TG’s Moment – Vol.2<br>レンズ固定にネジマウント方式を採用した理由

TG's Moment – ​​Vol.2
Reason for adopting the screw mount method for fixing the lens

Have you ever taken a close look at the lens mount of an SLR? If you look closely, you can see that it is very robust and precisely made. No matter how good the lens is, if it cannot be attached to the camera body in the optimum condition, it will not only bring out the maximum performance of the lens, but also cause the worst problems in focus and image quality. . When we were researching external lenses for the iPhone on the market, we noticed that there was a question, "Can such a simple attachment method be used to take pictures with proper accuracy?" As I mentioned at the beginning, a high-precision lens mount is essential in order to make the most of a high-performance lens and render the entire screen with high resolution. Therefore, we have researched and selected the "screw mount method". As a result, the lens part of the iPhone body and the external lens (the tokyo grapher brand lens developed by us) can be bonded with high precision, and beautiful high-resolution rendering power that does not impair the original image quality of the iPhone. realized.

For more than 70 years since our founding, we are professionals in optical products that have been manufacturing lens filters for single-lens reflex cameras. We naturally have confidence in the performance and quality of our optical products based on our unique know-how that we have cultivated over many years.
We take pride in the quality of the lenses we create that rivals the quality of single-lens reflex camera lenses.

Let's talk a little more about this "screw". The mechanism called screws can be attached simply by turning, and it will not come off easily. Precise design and high-precision manufacturing make it possible to increase the accuracy and reliability of fixing, so it is a suitable mechanism for fixing a small external lens for iPhone.
The clip method and the push-in method have the problem that the lens is fixed slightly differently each time it is attached or removed. When we actually took test shots, there were times when the lens of the iPhone camera was out of focus and vignetting occurred.

As a result of such research and testing, our goal was to create a mount that is accurate, quick and easy to attach and replace lenses, and that does not come loose. I will talk about the case that supports the mount next time, but I am satisfied that we were able to create a robust and highly accurate lens mount. As an aside, it is said that what supported Japan's rapid growth after the war was the "power of craftsmanship" that made use of the politeness that is the Japanese temperament. In particular, screws have contributed to economic development so much that they have been described as the "salt of industry." This is probably because the Japanese have created a level of quality that is competitive in the world through traditional craftsmanship and a passion for research. We, Tokyo Grapher, are proud of the fact that we were able to make use of this Japanese "screw technology."

Next time, I will talk about our commitment to the case that supports the lens mount. In fact, the material of the case uses the same material as the fuselage of the aircraft. I would like to reveal "Why did tokyo grapher choose a material that is used in aircraft? And the surprising manufacturing method...".


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