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Article: Summer Camp with tokyo grapher – How to enjoy summer camp Vol.2

Summer Camp with tokyo grapher – サマーキャンプの楽しみ方 Vol.2

Summer Camp with tokyo grapher – How to enjoy summer camp Vol.2

Camping Cuisine Sauce!

At 12:30, we will leave the natural lake where we enjoyed the nature canoe tour, stop by a delicious soba restaurant on the way, and head to Atera Valley, where we will set up camp.
This time, the plan is to set up the tent early and enjoy the food while drinking slowly. If possible, I would like to arrive by 3:00 and start preparations. The distance from the natural lake to Atera Valley is only 20km in a straight line, but there is only one road.
I found a local supermarket near the entrance of the valley. We got watermelon and peach for dessert, and a large amount of ice for the home-made beer server, which is one of the pleasures of this time, and arrived at the campsite at 3 o'clock on schedule.
When you arrive, first toast with canned beer! The kitchen, the dining room, and the location of the important bonfire are decided, and the tent is quickly set up.

I will introduce it first, but the dinner menu this time is like this.
・ Freshly harvested edamame boiled in salt
・Onion soup
・ Whimsical Salad
・Charcoal-grilled beef chunk
・Seasonal vegetable BBQ
・3 types of pasta (spaghetti bolognese, spaghetti genovese, anchovy cream penne)
・Seasonal fruit
I am the head chef, Johnny, who has passed the BBQ certification, is in charge of the grilled dishes, and Jamiwo is in charge of the a la carte dishes and delicious coffee.
The troublesome soup base and pasta sauce are prepared in advance and brought frozen, so you are ready to go. There are also four burners, so cooking should go smoothly.

Left: Green soybeans harvested from Niigata served as a snack for beer. Right: Onions from Awaji Island are slowly roasted over charcoal.

Bell peppers and Manganji peppers. and asparagus. Bake while applying olive oil with a brush. It's delicious as it is.

This is penne with anchovy cream sauce. Stir-fry the cabbage and dump the canned anchovies over it. Spread with fresh cream or milk and sprinkle with black pepper. Boil it down a little and mix it with the boiled penne, and it's done. Super easy!

Accidents are also fun!

Johnny seems to have already started the pottery after lighting the charcoal. The fragrant smoke of roasted peppers wafts around.
Jamiwo, who is in a hurry to grab a beer, is boiling green soybeans that Keiichiro brought from Niigata.
Gut-san and I were stir-frying cabbage and making anchovy cream sauce when raindrops began to fall.
What timing! The rain was getting stronger and stronger, soaking the tablecloth we had set up, and the dishes were getting more and more rainwater.
From the members who were waiting for the food, three by five, they escaped into the tent. The members in charge of cooking continued to cook while sheltering from the rain with raincoats and umbrellas.
In fact, no one brought a tarp this time. When this happens, I have no choice but to hold back and continue.
As it got darker, I waited for the rain clouds to pass while protecting the charcoal fire with an umbrella.

The table, which has been neatly set for dinner, is in a state of misery in the rain.

Around 8pm, the rain finally stopped.
I lit the bonfire again and called out to the members who had withdrawn into the tent.
Everything was wet and soggy, and it was getting late, so I couldn't finish the menu as planned, but the charcoal-grilled beef chunks that were grilled by the light of the lantern didn't look good, but they tasted good. it was excellent lol

Revenge is breakfast

Early morning at camp. As the forest gets a little brighter, I start to hear birds chirping.
Well, first of all, if you don't drink delicious coffee, today won't start.
I shake Jamiwo's tent, who is still in charge of coffee, and wake him up.
The weather is nice today. The sunlight filtering through the trees is dazzling.

Today's breakfast is a baguette sandwich.
Bacon, scrambled eggs, tuna salad, dry-cured ham, etc. Prepare various ingredients, and have them eat what they like freely.
While the eggs and bacon were being cooked to a crisp, the table that had been muddy from the rain the previous night had been cleaned up, creating a comfortable space where the sunlight filtered through the trees.
Arrange the prepared items at once and say "Itadakimasu".
Oh, I forgot the onion soup base in the fridge at home. . .

To be continued

Text & Photography by Koichi Miyase
Photographic equipment / iPhone 6S + tokyo grapher


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