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Article: #ShotOn_TG Campaign Vol.1

#ShotOn_TG キャンペーン Vol.1

#ShotOn_TG Campaign Vol.1

Campaign overview

For those who introduce photos taken with tokyo grapher's attachment lens on tokyo grapher's official Instagram account, we will give away original goods!

The first gift is this tokyo grapher original T-shirt!

※The image is an image. Please note that the design, etc. may be partially changed.

way to participate

Enter "#ShotOn_TG" in the caption when posting on Instagram

You can participate by simply posting a photo taken on Instagram using the tokyo grapher attachment lens and tagging it with "#ShotOn_TG".



1. Limited to photos taken using tokyo grapher's iPhone attachment lens products.

2. The winning announcement will be announced with an introduction on the official Instagram account of tokyo grapher.

3. After the introduction on this account, we will send you a message on Instagram to confirm the size and shipping address. Please note that if you do not receive a reply within one week, it will be invalid.

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Zero-Distortion WIDE LENS <br>生産終了及び販売終了のお知らせ
お知らせ (Information)

Zero-Distortion WIDE LENS
Notice of discontinuation of production and sales

Production and sales of "Zero-Distortion WIDE LENS" will end on Friday, August 10, 2018.

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Lens Caseの使用方法
Lens Case

How to use the Lens Case

It explains how to store the Lens Case, how to increase the number of items you can store, and how to use the attached parts.

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