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Article: Notice of site renewal


Notice of site renewal

tokyo grapher has completely renewed its website and online store.
In this renewal, we mainly improved the following points.

Integrate website and online store into one

Previous site structure In order to check the details of each product on the website and make a purchase, it was necessary to make a round trip between sites.
With this renewal, after confirming the details of the product, it is now possible to purchase it as it is.

Until now, in order to purchase products at tokyo grapher, it was necessary to make a round trip between the website and the online store, which use different methods. By integrating these in this renewal, it has become easier to find the products and information you are looking for from both PCs and smartphones.

Improve product selection and purchase flow

  • Attachment lens selection screen Select your iPhone first
  • A mount corresponding to your iPhone will be displayed
  • Lenses to purchase and accessories compatible with your iPhone are displayed.

It has been improved so that everyone can smoothly select the products they need, regardless of the iPhone they use or the products they want. From the renewed attachment lens purchase page, when you select the iPhone model you are using, the mounts and accessories that can be used are automatically narrowed down, so you can use it without checking the iPhone model for each product. You can choose any product that is available.
Please try the product selection that has become easier to use.

Selectable delivery method for some products

For some products, you can choose to ship by Yu-Mail on the purchase screen.

Until now, tokyo grapher's shipping method has been limited to Yamato Transport in Japan, and if the total price of the product is ¥10,000 (excluding tax) or less, a shipping fee of ¥700 (excluding tax) is required. was
This time, in order to make it easier for you to receive our products, we have added a new light packaging delivery method for some products, and have prepared a method that allows you to reduce the shipping fee and deliver it.

Add payment method

  • credit card payment
  • cash on delivery
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay

Until now, we have accepted payment by "credit card" and "bank transfer" for purchases of tokyo grapher products.
In this renewal, we have added four payment methods to meet the needs of even more people, and we have made it possible to make four types of payments: "credit card", "cash on delivery", "PayPal", and "Google Pay".

tokyo grapher will continue to deliver products and content that satisfy everyone who uses our site and our products.

*The URL of some pages has been changed due to this renewal. If you have registered bookmarks or favorites, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please check the registration page.

List of attachment lenses for iPhone

Wide lens

A high-performance ultra-wide-angle lens with no distortion or vignetting that increases the focal length of the standard iPhone camera by 0.66 times. Former name: Zero-Distortion WIDE LENS PRO

Click here for details


A 50mm tele lens that increases the focal length of the iPhone standard camera by 1.8 times, making both the distant and near views beautiful

Click here for details


The world's highest level fisheye lens with no vignetting, expanding the angle of view of the standard iPhone camera to an amazing 220°

Click here for details


A fisheye lens that captures a 150° ultra-wide angle on the iPhone and enables dynamic shooting

Click here for details


iPhone-only PL filter that controls overexposure and reproduces original colors

Click here for details


A macro lens that doubles the focal length of the iPhone standard camera and enables shooting from 17 to 25 mm.

Click here for details

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