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Article: How to handle the lens


How to handle the lens

In order to achieve high image quality without compromising the original performance of the iPhone, tokyo grapher's attachment lenses are developed with the same precision and attention to detail as ordinary camera lenses.
This time, we will talk about how to handle the lens so that you can maximize the power of the attachment lens and enjoy shooting.

Attaching the lens

The attachment lens of tokyo grapher adopts the "screw mount method" for mounting.
In order to take advantage of high-performance lenses and capture high-definition images to the corners of the screen, mounting accuracy is required to prevent misalignment between the camera and the lens. Mounts that use precision-machined screws do not shift when attached, and are suitable for fixing lenses that are small and require precision, such as attachment lenses for iPhones.
In addition, the screw mount can be easily installed by simply turning it, and at the same time, it is a mechanism that combines convenience and reliability by fixing the lens without accidentally coming off.

  • Lens mounted perpendicular to mount
  • A lens that has been forcibly attached while tilted

When screwing the lens into the mount, be careful so that the threaded part of the lens fits straight into the screw hole, and you will be able to take full advantage of the lens' power.

  • (1) Slowly screw the lens vertically into the mount.
  • ② If you feel even a little resistance, do not try to force it on, but loosen the screw and put it back on.

Forcibly screwing in the lens while the threaded part of the lens is tilted against the mount may wear out the threads of the lens and the mount. If you feel a slight chafing resistance when tightening the screw, do not force it in, loosen the screw once, and reattach it vertically.

Also, if a strong impact is applied from the side of the lens while the lens is attached to the mount, the threads of the lens and mount may be damaged. For shooting purposes, please be careful not to hit, snag, or drop the camera when carrying it around for a long period of time.

The lens mount (screw part) is made of aluminum alloy and has sufficient strength, but depending on how it is handled and how often it is used, the screw part may wear out and become loose. Continuing to use the lens with a loose mount may cause the lens to spin or fall off.

protect the lens from scratches

tokyo grapher's attachment lens uses "optical glass" as the lens material.
Compared to plastic lenses that are cheap and used in many attachment lenses, we use optical glass that is also used in various camera lenses because it has excellent optical properties and is resistant to scratches and deterioration, so we handle attachment lenses. We recommend that you treat it as carefully as you would a camera lens.

If the lens is scratched, unnatural light may appear in the captured image, or flare may occur due to peeling of the anti-reflection coating.
When storing the lens, be sure to attach the included front lens cap and back screw cap and store it in the included pouch, or put it in the optional Lens Case to protect the glass surface.

When placing the lens upside down

Most tokyo grapher attachment lenses have the lens surface behind the lens barrel so that the lens can be placed upside down in consideration of the usage scene such as when replacing the lens. However, due to the characteristics of fisheye lenses, the surface of the lens protrudes forward from the lens barrel of the two types, "FISH-EYE 220" and "FISH-EYE LENS." Please note that

Protect the lens from impact

The inside of the tokyo grapher attachment lens has been precisely researched and designed, just like a normal camera lens, by combining optical glass with different shapes and materials to optimize it for the iPhone.

Therefore, if the internal lens shifts from the correct position due to impact such as dropping, it will lead to deterioration of image quality. Especially when putting on and taking off the lens, it is easy to get out of hand and drop it. Please be careful. Also, to prevent the screws from loosening during shooting, please make sure that they are screwed in firmly before using the mount.
When not in use, store the lens in the included pouch or the optional Lens Case to avoid impact.

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