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Article: Traveling back to my hometown, My Hong Kong Island Tram Trip Vol.3

心の故郷に帰る旅、私の香港<br>香港島トラムの旅 Vol.3
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Traveling back to my hometown, My Hong Kong Island Tram Trip Vol.3

Well, let's finally go to the super-dense apartment. For first-timers, we recommend going by MTR (subway) rather than by tram. It's hard to know where to get off the tram. The apartment will be in Quarry Bay, but if you take the MTR and get off at Tai Koo, get off at Exit B and look around, you will gradually see that curved apartment. I'm excited. The entrance to the courtyard is between the butcher shops facing King's Road, where trams run.

Quarry Bay Super Dense Apartment
Super-dense apartment courtyard

Five buildings, ``Fok Cheong Building'', ``Hoi King'', ``Montane Mansion'', ``Yick Cheong Building'', ``Yik Fat Building'' residential building. The 1st floor has an old-fashioned hair salon and a stationery store.
When you visit here at night, the many window lights illuminate the sky like towers of light.
As I look up, I am deeply moved by the fact that each person has their own life under the light.
If you stop shooting and look at the open sky in the square, you may see a small plane passing by!

Taken from the Tai Koo side
Taikoo City Plaza
Taikoo Place

When I went to Taikoo Shing City Plaza to look for this apple art object, I was exhausted at the end because the apple was Taikoo Place. Even though the names of the malls were similar, it was one stop away, so I walked back again in the heat.

Quarry Bay Station
In Hong Kong, where the street lights are beautiful, the night trams are also wonderful.
This trip, which also encountered a large typhoon, the red taxis unique to Hong Kong were also on standby.
Star Ferry

Now it's time to head out to the city of Kowloon Peninsula on board the Star Ferry for a great trip at a great price.

Text & Photography by Nobuko Kamiya ( @sunday_722 )
Photographic equipment/iPhone 6s + tokyo grapher


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