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OPF 480-L

$107.00 AUD

The "480" in OPF 480-L stands for the wavelength of light, 480 nanometers, which makes it possible to take clear pictures with vivid blue color.

L (light) represents the amount of light diffused by the special glass. The combination of these two elements enables new expressions that could not be achieved before.

Filter Size:

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What Is A Optical Preset Filter

About OPF

While maintaining the sharpness of the high-performance lens, the way the light is rendered and the colors used make it possible to take photos and movies that look like scenes from a movie.

The OPF's unique high-precision special glass allows natural blurring of light source contours, and the dielectric multilayer coating process, which is a sophisticated surface coating process, changes the color depending on the angle at which light enters the image, allowing you to feel the appearance of light outside the angle of view and achieving a natural and deep expression that cannot be achieved with digital processing.

OPF is an unprecedented new type of filter for camera lenses.

OPF 480-L Compare

Features of OPF 1

The resolution of digital photography and the softness of film photography

The coating on the glass surface and the special glass that changes the way light passes through expresses the softness of light and deep colors without sacrificing resolution. increase.

Features of OPF 2

Super Slim Frame that combines ease of use and thinness

A very thin frame with a thickness of 5.7mm makes it possible to stack filters even when using a wide-angle lens.
While the frame is thin, the groove on the front of the filter is deep, and the wobble of the lens cap, which was a weak point of thin frame filters, has been eliminated.
It is also possible to stack the OPF series. (Cannot be used with ultra-wide-angle lenses)

Main Specifications

Material ガラス・アルミニウム
コーティング ・OPF Coat
・Water and oil repellent Coat
フィルター枠 Super Slim Frame (5.7mm)
重量 49mm - 9.0g
52mm - 9.7g
55mm - 10.8g
58mm - 11.8g
62mm - 14.2g
67mm - 16.3g
72mm - 18.3g
77mm - 20.8g
82mm - 23.2g

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OPF 480-L

You can see examples of users actually using the OPF 480-L with the hashtag #OPF480L on Instagram.



Camera accessories

Other OPF filters

OPF example and how to use


RICOH GRシリーズでレンズフィルターを使用する方法
OPF 480-L

RICOH GRシリーズでレンズフィルターを使用する方法

RICOH GRシリーズでレンズフィルターを使用するためには別途アダプターが必要となります。GRシリーズのバージョンにより使用可能なアダプタが異なりますので下記をご覧ください。 GRⅢ RICOH純正 レンズアダプター【GA-1】

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CDF-S / CDF-L 実写比較

CDF-S / CDF-L 実写比較

光を印象的に描写するCDFの効果が出やすい夕暮れ時、夜景での比較写真をご覧ください。 全てのシーンで『1. CDF-SとCDF-Lとの比較』『2. CDF-Sとフィルター無しでの比較』『3. CDF-Lとフィルター無しでの比較』を掲載しておりますので、フィルター選びの参考にされてください。 ...

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Enjoy summer !!

Enjoy summer !!

「楽しさ溢れる夏!」を感じられる素晴らしい写真たちへのタグづけありがとうございます! まだまだ、これまでと同様という訳にはいかない部分もあるけれど、今年の夏は一度きり!夏を思いっきり楽しもう!

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