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Article: how to use PL FILTER
Attachment polarizing filter for iPhone
5 active scenes

どう使う?PL FILTER<br />iPhone用アタッチメント偏光フィルター<br />5つの活躍シーン

how to use PL FILTER
Attachment polarizing filter for iPhone
5 active scenes

The weather is getting warmer, the scenery is more colorful, and the number of holiday trips is increasing.

Photos taken during the day are affected by strong sunlight and reflected light from various angles, and there are more parts that are blown out white, and people's skin does not come out beautifully. There are more and more scenes where you can't shoot things well, but PL filters suppress reflected light like sunglasses with polarized lenses, and clearly capture the original vivid colors and shapes of the subject.

PL filters are often used by photographers who take pictures of landscapes with single-lens reflex cameras, and their usefulness is generally not well known. Because it has weak characteristics, you can take a slightly different picture by using a PL filter to suppress the reflected light.

I compared the main uses of such PL filters in different situations, so please refer to it.


Control window glass reflection

  • [Picture 1-1] Filter OFF
  • [Picture 1-2] Filter ON The interior of the store can be clearly seen while capturing the exterior.

I took a picture with the reflection of the window glass suppressed.
Even when it is difficult to shoot inside the store due to reflections on the window glass, using a PL filter makes it possible to capture the inside of the store while shooting from the outside.
However, please note that it was difficult to control the reflected light when shooting from the front, the effect was diluted, and it was difficult to suppress the reflection.

[Video] Reflection comparison of glass with ON/OFF of PL filter

This is a video that suppresses the reflection of the window of the restaurant using a PL filter. When the PL filter is turned on, the reflection of the window is suppressed, and the dishes lined up in the back stand out.
Also, the color of the wall exposed to the sun is slightly better. I think that it can be useful when you want to shoot a show window or the interior of a car while capturing the exterior.

Prevents skin shine

  • [Picture 2-1] Filter OFF
  • [Picture 2-2] Filter ON The shine on the skin has disappeared, and the colors of the walls and graffiti have improved.

Surprisingly, the PL filter is also recommended for portrait photography. You can enrich the color development of the skin that tends to be oily and overexposed by the strong sunlight on a sunny day.
Comparing the photos, it seems that not only the skin color but also the color of the walls, graffiti, and the light reflected on the asphalt are reduced, making the walls richer and the black of the asphalt sharper.

[Video] Comparison of color change of skin and background by ON/OFF of PL filter

Similarly, when shooting colorful items such as tents and parasols that will be active in the coming season, you can also control overly strong reflected light and shoot in rich colors.
It is also recommended for photographing plants. It suppresses the highlights of leaves that tend to reflect sunlight, allowing you to shoot the original vivid green.

Reduces diffused reflection of dust and dirt

  • [Picture 3-1] Filter OFF
  • [Picture 3-2] The building in the center is clearly captured with the filter ON.

Next is an example of suppressing diffused reflection of light caused by dust in the air.
If you look at the building on the right side of the center of the photo, you can see that the diffused reflection of dust in the air has been reduced, and the outline is well represented.
Also, you can see that the color of the bricks has become more vivid because the reflection of the evening sun on the station building in the foreground has been reduced.

[Video] Comparison of light diffused reflection reduction due to dust and dirt by ON/OFF of PL filter

When shooting scenery from an observatory or mountain, or shooting the sea on the beach, using a PL filter to suppress diffused reflection of light makes it possible to take clear and toned photos of distant objects.

enrich the colors of the sky,
Depicts cloud shapes clearly

  • 【4-1】 Filter OFF
  • [4-2] Filter ON The colors of the sky are richer and the clouds are rendered more clearly.

As before, by controlling the diffuse reflection of light caused by dust and dirt in the air, the colors of the sky became darker, and the shapes and shadows of the clouds were clearly captured. It is also convenient when you want to adjust the color of the sky or depiction of clouds later.
Also, the yellow buses and tracks at the bottom are more vivid in the photo with the PL FILTER turned on, and the details are clearly depicted.

[Video] Changes in rendering of clouds by ON/OFF of the PL filter

Controls water reflection

  • [Picture 5-1] Filter OFF
  • [Photo 5-2] The cherry blossoms flowing on the river can be clearly seen with the filter ON.

I shot cherry blossom petals flowing in the river by controlling the reflection on the water surface.
Even if you want to take a picture of cherry blossom petals covering the surface of the river, it will not look good if the surface of the water is reflecting.
By turning on the filter, we were able to suppress reflections and make the petals stand out.
By reducing reflections on the surface of the water, it is effective not only for shooting objects floating on the water, but also for shooting clear seas and rivers.

[Video] Comparison of reflection on the water surface with ON/OFF of the PL filter

I photographed the surface of the water with the PL filter turned ON and OFF alternately.
When the PL filter is turned on, reflections are suppressed, and the cherry blossom petals floating on the water surface are captured to stand out.
If the water is crystal clear, you can clearly capture not only things floating on the water surface, but also fish and underwater plants.

By controlling reflected light , which is a characteristic of the PL filter, you can adjust the image reflected on the water surface and windows, reduce the strong light reflected on the subject to enrich the color development, and create cloud formations and distant landscapes. It is useful when you want to capture clearly. Enjoy shooting with the PL filter in various outing scenes on a sunny day!

Please check this article for how to use the PL filter.


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