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Article: "Bringing lenses closer to you" Image of using the Lens Case

「レンズを身近に」 Lens Case 使用イメージ
Lens Case

"Bringing lenses closer to you" Image of using the Lens Case

The Lens Case has been devised in various ways so that you can shoot with the lens of tokyo grapher at any time. This time, I tried to summarize the image of using the Lens Case in everyday life.

By fixing the lens to the lid of the case with screws, the inside of the case is not affected by vibrations such as walking.
Hang it on your belt loop or bag and use it for walking, work, travel, or any other occasion in your daily life.
The thick aluminum body provides peace of mind even in the event of an accidental bump.
It is easy to carry around by passing a string through the hole in the pedestal and hanging it around your neck.
The cap and joints are threaded, so you don't have to worry about getting wet in the rain.
The length of the case can be changed according to the number of lenses to be stored.
Make tokyo grapher's high-performance lenses more accessible and convenient.

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取扱説明 (Manual)

How to handle the lens

In order to achieve high image quality without compromising the original performance of the iPhone, tokyo grapher's attachment lenses are developed with the same precision and attention to detail ...

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お知らせ (Information)

Notice of site renewal

tokyo grapher has completely renewed its website and online store. In this renewal, we mainly improved the following points. Integrate website and online store into one Previous sit...

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