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Cream Soda for 480

OPF 480-S/L's characteristic effect of highlighting blue tones and suppressing yellow tones adds the refreshingness of cream soda and the roundness of melted ice cream to photos.

*This preset is optimized for data shot with OPF 480-S / L mounted on SONY α7 series and RICOH GRIIIx.

Sale price¥158.00
Free for OPF 480-S/L users

If you are an OPF 480-S/L user, please enter the "coupon code: OPF480User" on the order screen. This coupon code can only be used by customers who have purchased OPF 480-S/L.

Cream Soda for 480
Cream Soda for 480 Sale price¥158.00

Cream Soda for 480 Gallery

All photos are developed in RAW using Cream Soda for 480 .

Before/After Looks

We compared photos taken before and after applying the preset in different seasons and scenes.

OPF 480-S

OPF 480-S + Cream Soda for 480

OPF 480-S

OPF 480-S + Cream Soda for 480

OPF 480-S

OPF 480-S + Cream Soda for 480

Precautions/How to download

  • This preset is for OPF 480-S / L users.
    You can download it for free by entering the coupon code "OPF480User" on the purchase screen. Please note that only the e-mail address that has purchased the product is eligible for the coupon.
  • This preset is optimized for the described "reference photo shooting environment". Please note that the finish may differ with other cameras.
  • It is a file optimized for the latest Lightroom version. Depending on the version of Lightroom, it may not be able to be installed normally.
  • After purchasing this preset, an email containing a download URL will be sent, so please download it before using.