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OPF 550-L

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The "550" in OPF 550-L stands for the light wavelength of 550 nanometers, which makes green and blue colors appear vivid, and the "L" (Light) represents the amount of light diffused by the special glass.

The combination of these two elements enables new expressions that could not be achieved before.

Filter Size:
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What is OPF

OPF (Optical Preset Filter) is a new type that has never existed before that can add the dazzle of the light outside the viewfinder captured by the camera, and the seasonal air color that changes depending on the angle and intensity of the light. is an optical filter for camera lenses.

OPF's original high-precision special glass naturally blurs the outline of the light source, and the color changes depending on the angle at which the light enters due to the dielectric multilayer film with advanced surface coating processing, making you feel the light outside the angle of view. , it is possible to realize a natural and deep expression that cannot be produced by digital processing.

A new generation of filters that add sensation to your photos

Add sensory values that people feel with their five senses, such as the brightness of light, the angle and intensity of light due to changes in the time of day, the season, the color of the air, etc., which are outside what the camera captures. , a new type of optical filter for camera lenses.

Please enjoy a new expression that cannot be achieved with digital processing by combining the softness of light like film photography with the resolution of digital.

State-of-the-art optical technology

OPF is a dielectric multilayer film that changes the photographic expression depending on the intensity and angle of light entering the glass surface.

In addition, in order to improve maintainability, water droplets and dirt can be easily blown off with a blower by applying a water-repellent / oil-repellent cord that makes it difficult for dirt such as water, oil and fingerprints to adhere.

SUPER SLIM FRAME combines ease of use and thinness

Using a very thin frame with a thickness of 5.7mm, it is possible to stack filters even when using a wide-angle lens. (Some super wide-angle lenses cannot be stacked.)

Normally, thin-frame filters have a shortcoming in that the groove on the front of the filter is shallow, making it easy for the filter cap to come off.

Before and After of OPF 550-L

The photo on the left is without a filter, and the photo on the right is with OPF 550-L .
In scenes with strong light sources, the contours of the light are softened, creating a glare ghost.
If you don't want the ghost to appear, you can suppress it by slightly shifting the direction of the light.

Non Filter

OPF 550-L

OPF 550-S/L Compare

In the OPF series, light diffusion changes depending on the incident angle and intensity of light and the focal length of the lens used.
The samples below are samples compared under the conditions of light where the diffusion effect is most pronounced.

The difference between S and L is the difference in the high-precision special glass used.
L has strong light diffusing power to enhance the effect, and S has weak diffusing power to enhance regular use.

Non Filter

OPF 550-L

OPF 550-S

OPF Color Features

The OPF series emphasizes different wavelengths of light.
480 strengthens the wavelength (color) around 480 nm (blue), 550 550 nm (blue/yellow), and 650 650 nm (yellow/red).

Non Filter

OPF 480-S/L

OPF 480-S / L strengthens the wavelength of light around 480nm, and emphasizes the refreshing blueness with less yellowness.

Learn more about OPF 480-L

OPF 550-S/L

The OPF 550-S/L intensifies light wavelengths around 480nm, emphasizing warm greenish blues.

Learn more about OPF 550-L

OPF 650-L

OPF 650-L enhances the wavelengths of light around 650nm and emphasizes reds and yellows to add warmth and a nostalgic atmosphere.

Learn more about OPF 650-L


OPF 550-L User Gallery

You can see examples of users actually using OPF 550-L with the hashtag #OPF550L on Instagram.

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