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Street snap in Mainz, Germany

I went to Mainz, Germany after a long absence. Mainz is a city on the Rhine River. It started as a fortified city built by the Romans in 38 BC and still retains many historical buildings and heritage.
In addition to history and tourism, the city has many educational institutions and research facilities such as the University of Mainz, and academic activities are also thriving. Technology is being developed and researched.

I took pictures of the city of Mainz with the OPF 550-L, which shines with fresh greenery, so I hope you will take a look and feel the atmosphere of Mainz.

Also, according to the atmosphere of the city and the characteristics of the camera (RICOH GRIIIx this time), I will publish the preset "Mainz for OPF 550" for Adobe Lightroom, which is RAW developed from this photo, so that everyone can use it freely. Please use it.

Digital presets

Mainz for OPF 550

I created a preset "Mainz for OPF 550" for Adobe Lightroom that matches the atmosphere of the city and the characteristics of the camera (RICOH GRIIIx this time). All the above photos are RAW developed using this preset.
Depending on the photo, the exposure, contrast, and highlight brightness may be slightly adjusted, but even those who are unfamiliar with RAW development in Lightroom can easily use this preset, so please feel free to use it. .

As a feature of the preset, the OPF 550-S / L's unique color tones around 550 nm (green and yellow) are emphasized, while creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Kodak film that conveys the history of the city.

Below is a comparison of before and after applying presets.

OPF 550-L

OPF 550-L + Lightroom presets

OPF 550-L

OPF 550-L + Lightroom Presets

OPF 550-L

OPF 550-L + Lightroom Presets

Adjustments for each photo

Depending on the original photo taken like the above comparison sample, the result will be different when the preset is applied.

If you are unfamiliar with RAW development in Adobe Lightroom, please follow the steps below to adjust the finish to your liking. If you are accustomed to RAW development, please adjust in your own way.

  1. Adjusting the exposure Adjust the exposure amount item in the Edit menu's "Light" while considering whether to emphasize the bright or dark areas.
  2. Adjust the contrast <br/>Adjust the contrast in "Light" in the Edit menu to your desired contrast.

Precautions for use

  • This preset is optimized for photos taken with the OPF 550-S / L attached to the RICOH GR3x.
    Data taken with other cameras can also be used, but please understand that the finished product may differ from the image above.
  • This preset is a preset file for use with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Lightroom Classic.
    Please note that it cannot be used with other image processing apps.
  • Please note that we cannot answer any questions you may have about how to use Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Lightroom Presets

Mainz for OPF 550

This preset is a preset file optimized for RICOH GRIIIx .

For users of this preset

Request for tagging

Thank you for using our products.
We are offering this preset free of charge as a token of our gratitude to all of you who use TOKYO GRAPHER products, and with the hope that you will be able to enjoy your photos even more .

We would like to continue to provide digital presets compatible with various filters and cameras in the future. Please give us your thoughts and tag #OPF550L / #OPF550S .

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