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Article: How to use the Lens Case

Lens Caseの使用方法
Lens Case

How to use the Lens Case

Lens/filter storage procedure

The Lens Case includes a housing (lid) that protects the lens , a stage (pedestal) that secures the lens , and a convenient D-can for carrying.

  • housing (lid)
  • stage (pedestal)
  • D-can

1. Check the storage parts of the Lens Case

A housing and a stage are used to store the lens.

2. Fix the lens on the stage (pedestal)

Secure the threaded portion of the lens by turning it clockwise into the threaded hole on the flat side of the stage .
Make sure the lens is not tilted against the stage, and tighten the screws to prevent the lens from coming off.
If the lens is inserted vertically into the stage, the lens can be fixed without excessive force.

3. Attach the housing (lid) to the stage (pedestal)

After fixing the lens to the stage, attach the housing.
Place the housing over the lens and attach it to the stage by turning the housing screw clockwise .
Tighten the screw firmly so that the housing does not come off.

4. Check for looseness in the housing (lid) and stage (pedestal) installation

Make sure there is no looseness in the mounting so that the housing will not come off when carrying.

If it is too tight and does not come off

If the housing is stuck on the stage due to overtightening, use a piece of non-slip material such as a piece of cloth to grasp the raised part of the stage and turn it counterclockwise, or to the side of the raised part of the stage. Insert a sturdy rod such as a hex wrench into the hole and turn it counterclockwise to remove it.

Use of D-can

By using the D-ring that comes with the Lens Case, you can carry the Lens Case even more conveniently.

1. Fix the D-can to the stage (pedestal)

Fix the D-can to the screw hole on the convex part of the stage . Turn the D-ring clockwise and tighten the screw firmly so that it does not come off.

2. Attach the D-ring to your item

You can use it by attaching the D-ring to your carabiner or zipper string.

  • When attaching the D-ring to the carabiner
  • When attaching a D-ring to a string

Lens Case storage table

Wide lens
Former name: Zero-Distortion WIDE LENS PRO
Zero-Distortion WIDE LENS (Discontinued)
soratama for iPhone (Discontinued)


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