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Article: TG's Moment – ​​Vol.6
The secret of the case that protects the lens of tokyo grapher

TG’s Moment – Vol.6<br>tokyo grapherのレンズを守るケースの秘密

TG's Moment – ​​Vol.6
The secret of the case that protects the lens of tokyo grapher

This vol.6 is the final installment of TG's Moment, which has introduced the commitment of tokyo grapher.
This time, I will tell you the story of the lens case that we were particular about in areas other than the performance of the lens.

I, who started tokyo grapher, am actually a skateboarder.
When I was enjoying skateboarding with my friends, I took pictures and videos with my iPhone to check each other's tricks. The compact and lightweight iPhone was more mobile and easier to use than the bulky camera. When shooting a video with a skateboard, the method of shooting while one of the skateboarders is running is called "chasing". If the iPhone has a grip, it will be easier to follow up.
This idea that came to my mind at that time is actually used in this lens case.

The first Gold Edition of tokyo grapher is a set of 3 types of lenses. It protects the delicate lens from shock when moving, and is easy to carry. The initial design themes were "robustness" and "portability".
In addition to these, by allowing individual cases to be jointed, we added the previously mentioned "grip" function.

When you join the three cases together, it becomes a cylinder.
If you connect it to the duralumin main body case in this state, it is designed to be used as a grip that prevents camera shake when taking photos and videos.

In addition, the screw hole provided at the bottom of the lens case conforms to the tripod screw standard.
The camera can be fixed to a tripod for long-exposure and self-timer photography, and the tripod screw can be used to attach accessories and straps.

How did you like TG's Moment, which has introduced our commitment to product development since the birth of tokyo grapher?
In addition to developing new products, we are also constantly brushing up on existing products. From now on, we will continue to deliver even better items that are particular about MADE IN JAPAN from Tokyo.



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