Duralumin Case

tokyo grapherのケースに使っている素材「ジュラルミン」は、航空機の機体などに使われているものと同じです。ジュラルミンが、乗客の安全を徹底的に追求している航空機に採用される理由は、その強度と軽量で精密な加工が可能な性質にあります。

Duralumin is used for cases that contain the tokyo grapher lenses, which is the same material as the one used for aircraft fuselages. This material, duralumin, is used for aircrafts, where safety for passengers is thoroughly pursued, because of its strength, lightness, and property that enables precision machining.
When selecting the case material, we stuck to the strength that was enough to fix the lens that requires precision and to protect the iPhone from any damage due to falling. We had not been able to find any materials such as universal plastics and general metals including aluminum, until we reached duralumin.


Processing of this case required a great deal of precision that makes the case fit to the iPhone’s sophisticated form while mounting the lens perfectly. Low-tech techniques, such as bending and welding, is impossible to meet such a precision level. For this reason, we selected the method of machining each individual case from one duralumin plate. By using a precision 3-D cutting machine, we machine these iPhone cases carefully over time.

iPhone 6/6s/7