iPhone7への対応につきまして 2



Here’s a follow-up report about the compatibility of our lenses with the iPhone 7.



Various functions are added to the new iPhone 7, while many functions of the camera part have been renewed.
A light lens with f=1.8 is adopted for the iPhone7’s camera, which enables you to take beautiful photos even at places without sufficient light.


tokyo grapherではこれらを踏まえて、iPhone7でも従来のレンズが使用できるように、現在調整を行っております。

Considering this situation, tokyo grapher is now adjusting our conventional lenses so that users can use them for their iPhone 7.



Our simulation has already confirmed that the fish-eye lens, wide lens, and macro lens can function well with the iPhone 7.
In the future, we will continue to check the lens performance by using the actual iPhone 7 based on the mount prototype for the iPhone 7.



As for the ZD wide lens which we released the other day, it can be used with the iPhone 7 but we have found that use of this lens could make photos a little bit darker.
It is impossible to accept for us that our lens could deteriorate image quality even though the iPhone 7 is equipped with the light lens with f=1.8 brighter camera.


そこでtokyo grapherでは、iPhone7に最適なレンズを開発すべく、専用のZDワイドレンズを開発いたします。

Given this fact, tokyo grapher started to develop a new iPhone 7 specified ZD lens that is exclusively used for the iPhone 7.
We have a goal to produce the first prototype of this lens within 2016. We would like for you those who have the iPhone 7 to wait for a little bit more.


こちらのレンズは約2倍の倍率で撮影が可能な望遠レンズとなっており、機種は従来のiPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plusに加えiPhone7への対応も予定しております。

We also would like to let you know that we are now considering to create a new lens, called the tele lens.
This lens is a telescopic lens that enables you to take photos at twice magnification. This lens can be attached to the conventional iPhone series, 6, 6s, and 6 Plus, including the iPhone 7.



This tele lens will be released in the near future.
We continue to provide our follow-up reports here. Please wait until additional information about the tele lens is delivered.