A tram trip in Hong Kong Island - Vol. 3

December, 09, 2016

鰂魚涌(Quarry Bay)超密集アパート Highly-dense apartment complex

超密集アパート中庭 Courtyard of a highly-dense apartment complex

さていよいよ、超密集アパートへ行きましょう。初めての人は、トラムで行くより行きはMTR(地下鉄)で行くことをおススメします。トラムだと一体どこで降りればいいのか分かりづらいからです。アパートは鰂魚涌(Quarry Bay)になりますが、MTRは太古(Tai Koo)で下車B出口から出て周りを見渡したらあの湾曲したアパートが徐々に見えてきます。ワクワクしますね。中庭への入口はトラムの走る英皇道 (King’s Road)側に面した精肉店の間から入れます。

Let’s go to the highly-dense apartment complex. If it’s your first time, taking MTR (subway) is recommended instead of taking a tram, because it’s hard to know where you should get off. This apartment is located in Quarry Bay, but if you take MTR, you can get of the exit B at the Tai Koo Station, and there you can find that curved apartment building. It’s so excited!! You can get in to the courtyard from a slot between butchers on the King’s Road side where trams run.


「福昌楼Fok Cheong Building」「海景樓Hoi King」「海山樓Montane Mansion」「益昌樓Yick cheong building」「益發大厦Yik Fat Building」の5つの建物がアルファベットのEの文字に並んでいる密集住宅ビル。1Fは昔ながらのヘアーサロンや文房具店などがあります。


This apartment complex consists of Fok Cheong Building, Hoi King, Montane Mansion, Yick cheong building, and Yik Fat Building standing in the shape of the alphabet letter, E. There are hair salons and stationery shops on the first floor.

When visiting here during the night, you can see the light from many windows illuminating the sky just like the tower of light.
Wondering that there is an individual life at each light source fills myself with deep emotions.
When looking up the sky through a square window during a break, I can sometimes see a small airplane cutting across the sky.

You’ll be overwhelmed by the 360-degree view of the courtyard in this complex. Please be careful when taking photos so as not to bother the residents.

太古(Tai Koo)側からの撮影。 Shot from the Tai Koo side.

太古城 Taikoo Shing CityPlaza ショッピングモール Taikoo Shing City Plaza shopping mall

鰂魚涌(Quarry Bay)太古坊 Taikoo Placeショッピングモール Quarry Bay, Taikoo Place shopping mall

このリンゴのオブジェを探しに太古城Taikoo Shing CityPlazaに行ったら、リンゴは太古坊 Taikoo Placeだったと言うオチで最後はヘトヘトになってしまいました。モールの名前が似ていても1駅違う訳で、又暑い中を歩いて戻りました。

I went to Taikoo Shing City Plaza to find this apple object. But I found that this object was found at Taikoo Place, and I got totally exhausted. The names of both malls sounded similar, but the station was different. So I returned on foot in this hot summer heat.

鰂魚涌(Quarry Bay)駅 Quarry Bay Station

街灯りが綺麗な香港は夜のトラムも素敵です。 In the night, trams look so beautiful in city lights.

In a large typhoon, red taxies are also making the line for waiting their customers.

天星小輪 Star Ferry


OK, then let’s move go the Kowloon Peninsula by taking Star Ferry which offers a wonderful cruise at low price.

Text & Photography by Nobuko Kamiya
Photographic equipment/iPhone 6s + tokyo grapher